Bakersfield Party Buses Pricing

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Admit it, you're expecting pricing for party buses to be above and beyond what you're able to pay, right? Bakersfield Party Buses is here to prove differently! We're here to give you accurate quotes for your service all throughout the day and night, and the fantastic customer service only carries through to your event! We make sure to be as kind and compassionate as possible when it comes to pricing our vehicles. When you compare our prices to our vehicle quality, it's an easy choice to make.

Let us know where you want to go, how many passengers you'll have, and when you need service. This gives us all the information we'll need to prepare a quote for you and deliver it in seconds! You can make the price lower by avoiding busy areas such as early spring until late summer, as well as weekends and holidays. Split the cost between all of the passengers to come up with a per person rate that's easy for everybody to come up with!

You know the company to call the next time you're looking for transportation for a large group of people. We have everything you'll need to have a fantastic worry free night of fun! Give one of our booking agents a call when you're ready to reserve your party bus. You surely won't regret booking with Bakersfield Party Buses.